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Video Strategy

video marketing

Video Marketing perspective

If the brand creation and popularity are the main purposes of a marketing campaign then it has never seen as much success and competition as in the recent times since the emergence of social media and digital marketing. The opportunities to converse with the consumers and get their views and opinions have propelled the brand creating exercises develop and project their campaigns in a much more refined manner.

Digital marketing takes advantages of newer technologies to catch consumers’ fancy and reach their heart by posting smart and engaging contents online or on social media. The few early bird marketers throw in resources to adopt new ways and innovations to set trends for others to follow when it comes to penetrating the consumers’ personal zone.Video is such a powerful medium which can influence users’ experiences in a big way.

We create videos that can take your digital marketing results to the next level

We specialize in creative, engaging and effective video contents to enhance your website, emails, YouTube, your social media and your PPC campaign.

But only creating videos is not sufficient to get success. It is to be combined with the art and science of using them. Content has always been the king and video is all set to take the prime spot in the whole content. Videos are already a major driver of Internet traffic and will continue to be.

It takes more time and resources to make videos than texts or images but they are huge crowd pullers. We have a YouTube strategy in place for video campaigning.

On web site enhancement - We make small video reviews on product landings to explain about products in short and sweet manner and include them in the SEO list. It makes a very high percentage of user engagement. Also Using them in the blogs and support pages. Embedding videos in the support pages clears customers’ support queries and reduce complaint calls.

In emails - Using a link in the email to play the video in the web page or blog.

With Social channels - Posting relevant videos to social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook also supports live streaming of videos.

Why Video Marketing is Effective

Videography is certainly not a new technology but the idea of using it for brand building has gathered steam since the advent of YouTube which is arguably the second most popular search site after google, with a billion users watching hundreds of millions of hours every day.

A properly configured and optimized YouTube channel and a targeted campaign enables you to help you build your reputation and brand awareness and increase in your web traffic and engagements with your users.

Popularity of YouTube has made the various social channels to provide ability to share YouTube or similar files. This has given rise to more impactful campaigns through making and sharing video clips.More than half of marketers responding to the 2014 Video Statistics study by Invodo said that inclusion of video in the contents offers a higher ROI.

For small businesses, video offers an inexpensive way to level the playing field with the big and established companies.The various ways it can be used are –

  • Answering customer FAQs
  • Showcasing products in action
  • Asking for user-generated contributions featuring real-life customers
  • Introducing staff and showing an intimate look around operations
  • Demonstrating product use
  • Featuring video testimonials