About Us

About PNS

PNS Technology Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Mumbai, India has been riding the Internet and digital waves since its inception in 2010. We have built our team on a strong foundation of varied experiences across verticals and an attitude of giving only the best.

We started with web site development as our core business and soon became a market leader with over 200% growth, year on year basis. We attribute this phenomenal success to our mastery of the subject, understanding of the customer’s business and vision and willingness to learn.

Technology is the force that changes the way a business operates. With it comes new opportunities and new limits. Internet and its derivative, social media, are such major forces that have taken the business by storm.

PNS Technology Pvt. Ltd. is one of those early bird companies in India, which were closely observing the revolution called Social Media Networking and took no time when the storm hit India to plunge into Digital Marketing. Our core expertise in web based solutions made this a natural and logical extension.

We in PNS Technology are driven by some business virtues – –

  • Passion for generating great user experiences on digital platforms.
  • Consultancy thorough knowledge sharing on smart uses of the Internet and social media for successful brand promotion for the clients.
  • Sincere CRM service on behalf of the clients.
  • Quality work throughput to ensure ROI to the clients.

India is at the forefront of SME and startup growth is experiencing remarkable penetration of digital marketing and a paradigm shift in the product and brand promotion strategies from traditional and expensive ones towards the digital marketing.

An enthusiastic PNS has made a good use of the changed scenario by providing consultancy and comprehensive services in the realm of digital marketing including the affiliate marketing. With over five hundred customers on the list, we can say that we have stood the test of time.