How It All Begain

Our Story

PNS TECHNOLOGY PVT. L.T.D., is a government registered IT based Company in India. PNS was launched in 2010, to engender Digital Marketing and Website designing services like E- commerce, CRM, web and phone based applications, for Small and Large Urban Business entities. After2013 of launching PNS core research into Digital Marketing, took storm and became its highest priority focus. Digital Marketing is the new era which requires a lot of attention to detail since the client or the consumer viewing the page on the site can only see the front end of the company. This time is called the magic moment where you either attract or scare the customer away. Its is necessary to make the [page very colourful and attractive with 360 degree imaging and all the latest digital marketing design to create a digital image. Only a Pro can actually help design a good digital marketing site since skill and a digital marketing expert is required. PNS has advanced its skill in digital marketing and has been a top brand advertisng company for Digital Marketing. Today PNS has expanded with multiple seperate departments to cater to segregated projects like Digital Marketing ,Web Development, CRM, Mobile application and other software designing lookouts. Over the incumbency period of business, commerce, PNS has developed a strong clientele and successfully executed numerous domestic and international projects. Companies like Charliee Chikki, Makxpresso Coffee, Royal Play, Turmgel and RG Landmark , to name a few of our exceptional clients.
Our strength lies in the modish technology, that we implement with cutting edge designs and graphics, while taking colours and 3d text imaging and even implementing the new 360 degree + GIF images into consideration. PNS has made itself famous with its high performance that has been the main reason for us to be successful, thereby broadening our portfolio of services.
At PNS talented and experienced team members, who have got a tenure industrial experience, is dedicated to creating customized designs and IT solution for your product. Our team believes in innovation and meritocracy which has yielded fantastic results for our esteemed clientele.


  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Software Development
  • ERP Solutions
  • CRM Software
  • Web Application
  • Apps Development
  • Inventory Softwares
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SMS & E-Mail Services
  • Social Media Optimization

Aside From these standard IT software solutions, we hold special expertise in designing and developing customized software and Web solutions as per the requirement of the clients. We at PNS are turbocharged by the amount of faith and gratitude of our customers, in our ability to achieve the grade ‘A’ mark on the products. This response propels us every moment, to pioneer and produce. ‘Under promise and over deliver’, has been the spine of our organization where the customer is given the much awaited attention to detailing. Ultra modern design tools & persistent training and development of our team organized on a periodic basis, to keep our team updated on the latest technology around the world, we are mission oriented when it comes to providing our customers with most appealing, exclusive and unique solutions to stand out from our fellow competitors.


When we consider the current competitive environment, our Companies leading technology tools and products have gained sustainable growth to our clients with the most important benefit gaining brand reconstitution. The ingenious procedure, complemented by our adaptive and resourceful team has successfully placed us in a commanding perimeter.


Everything! As stated in our Core Products above, we deliver a confounding designing and web customizing experience using the latest equipped tools and take your business product to a whole new level. If you want to see progress head your way PNS delivers with a perplexing performance.


We work around your business. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business so your business can grow. As your technology partner, when your business grows our Company will grow with you, therefore, at PNS TECHNOLOGY PVT. L.T.D. We aim to give our clients a competitive edge and to place them strategically on the web to be witnessed by maximum number of people. MR. Shyamu Singh, CEO of PNS Technology.PVT.L.T.D believes in keeping up the brand image of PNS and ensures quality is strongly adhered by the team.


PNS has a vision to help, succor the Indian SME Industry. We have a vision to give SME’s competitive edge by connecting them to technology and improve their customer expansion capabilities. Our vision involves us achieving a turnover of 75 crores within the next 5years.